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Laser and Plasma Accelerators 2023

Laser and Plasma Accelerators 2023

The 2023 Laser and Plasma Accelerators Workshop, LPAW 2023, was held in Lagos, Portugal, from March 6-10. This edition marks the 30th anniversary of the LPAW series, which has been one of the leading workshops in the field of plasma-based acceleration and radiation generation. Following up a very successful workshop, Journal of Plasma Physics will be publishing a special issue on laser and plasma accelerators, covering the acceleration of leptons and ions, radiation generation and QED effects. Submissions are open to everyone working in the field, and workshop participants are invited to submit the work presented at LPAW 2023.

For detailed information about the special issue and submission process, please check

Submission deadline: September 30th, 2023

Special Issue Editors

Guest Editor: Thales Silva, Amina Hussein, Igor Andriyash

Handling Editor: Luis O. Silva and Victor Malka

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