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A tribute to the contributions to Plasma Physics of V D Shafranov: 1929-2014

V D Shafranov: 1929-2014

V D Shafranov

Our intention is to gather papers related to the scientific work of V D Shafranov into a special issue, to provide a fitting tribute to his seminal contributions to the theory of plasmas. His work encompassed studies of toroidal magnetic equilibria (recognised by the attributions: the Grad-Shafranov equation and the Shafranov shift) and the stability of current carrying plasma (the Kruskal Shafranov condition). 

With L A Artsimovich he introduced the concept of tokamaks with non-circular cross-sections which has led to the development of the present high-performance tokamak regimes and to poloidal divertors. Furthermore, he explored innovative non-axisymmetric equilibria and calculated the collisional transport in toroidal devices. In addition he made early contributions to the theory of electromagnetic wave propagation and absorption and collisional shock waves in plasma. 

The issue will contain both invited papers and unsolicited contributions, which are warmly welcomed.

Special issue editors:


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