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Continues Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (1995 - 2005)
Title history
  • ISSN: 1833-3672 (Print), 1839-3527 (Online)
  • Editor: Remi Ayoko University of Queensland, Australia
  • Editorial board
JMO is an international peer-review journal committed to publishing high quality and influential  research to provide in-depth understanding of Management and Organizational issues. JMO invites novel contributions that are empirical in nature or conceptual papers that extend our  understanding of existing theory.

JMO is the journal of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management .
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Latest articles

Dynamic capabilities: New ideas, microfoundations, and criticism

In this special issue, we have collected 13 articles that offer new vantage points for research on dynamic capabilities. We offer a selection of thought-provoking papers that advance current thinking on dynamic capabilities and provide directions for new inquiries using the dynamic capability framework.

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