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  • ISSN: 1073-1105 (Print), 1748-720X (Online)
  • Editors: Aaron Kesselheim Harvard University, USA, and Edward J. Hutchinson American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics, USA
  • Editorial board
The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (JLME) is a leading peer-reviewed journal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine. Read by more than 4,500 health care professionals, JLME is the authoritative source for health law teachers, practitioners, policy makers, risk managers, and anyone else concerned with the safe, equitable, and ethical delivery of health care services.


Symposium on "Medical-Legal Partnerships: Equity, Evaluation, and Evolution" guest edited by Katherine K. Kraschel, James Bhandary-Alexander, Yael Z. Cannon, Vicki W. Girard, Abbe R. Gluck, Jennifer L. Huer, and Medha D. Makhlouf.

Supplement on "Promoting Drug and Vaccine Innovation and Managing High Prices: Three Proposals for Policy Reform," guest edited by Aaron Kesselheim, Ameet Sarpatwari, and Benjamin Rome.

Recent Highlights:

Symposium on "Seeking Reproductive Justice in the Next 50 Years," guest edited by Linda C. McClain, Nicole Huberfeld, and Aziza Ahmed, with this video introduction.

Supplement on "Rethinking Pharmaceutical Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean," guest edited by Martín Rama and Verónica Vargas.


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