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Fees and pricing

This page contains information about fees that may be incurred when you publish in this journal.

Article processing charges (APCs)

This is a hybrid journal, which means it provides authors with options to make their articles open access, including the option to publish Gold Open Access under a Creative Commons licence. In many cases Gold Open Access articles are supported by an article processing charge (APC), typically paid by the corresponding author’s funding body or institution. Cambridge University Press has also made a number of agreements to support open access, which may cover all or part of the costs associated with Gold Open Access for authors at participating institutions. Please see this journal's open access options for full details.

For articles that are not published Gold Open Access, no fee is required.

Please see the table below for this journal’s APC fees.

Article Processing Charges for this journal
Currency APC
GBP (£) 2020
USD ($) 3000

Colour print charges

There is no charge for publishing figures in colour in the online version of this journal. However, authors who choose to have figures in their article printed will need to pay a fee for colour printing. The fees for this journal are displayed below. If you request colour figures in the printed version of your article, you will be contacted by CCC-Rightslink who are acting on our behalf to collect Author Charges. Please follow their instructions in order to avoid any delay in the publication of your article.

Colour Charges for this journal
Currency Colour Charges
GBP (£) 200
USD ($) 320