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Review process

IPSR adheres to a double blind peer-reviewing policy in which the identity of the reviewer and the author(s) are always concealed from both parties. Authors may recommend between two and four suitable reviewers and may also state, providing a reasonable justification, if someone should be disqualified from reviewing the manuscript. These recommendations will be taken into account but they are not binding.

IPSR is committed to a transparent and fair review process that balances reviewer input and editorial judgment. In case members of the IPSR editorial board decide to submit a manuscript, utmost care will be given to the selection of reviewers and a larger weight is put on the evaluation of the reviewers. After the editors have received the reviews, they will notify their decision to the author(s), including the comments from the reviewers and the editors.

Papers outside the journal’s scope will be rejected immediately.


To appeal an editorial decision, contact the Editor and specify the reason for your appeal. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Editor together with another member of the editorial team who was not involved in the review of the manuscript. The final decision regarding your appeal will rest with the Editor.