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Journal information
International Law Reports
  • ISSN: 0309-0671 (Print), 2633-707X (Online)
  • Frequency: 4 volumes per year
Published since 1929, and featuring cases from 1919, the International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. Cases are drawn from every relevant jurisdiction - international and national. The volumes are prepared at the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law in the University of Cambridge. All decisions in other languages are translated into English. Because of the standing and scope of its coverage, the series is widely cited in judgments of international and national tribunals. No other publication enjoys such an authoritative position in international law. No other publication provides a comparable coverage of case law in this field. The International Law Reports is an essential holding for every library providing even minimal international law coverage, offering access to the whole range of international case law in one publication, in a manner which is both efficient and economical. Six volumes are published each year.
Title history
Currently known as:
International Law Reports
Vol 17 (1956) onwards
ISSN: 0309-0671 (Print), 2633-707X (Online)

Formerly known as:
Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases
Vol 7 (1940) - Vol 16 (1955)
ISSN: 2633-7088 (Print), 2633-7096 (Online)

Annual Digest of Public International Law Cases
Vol 1 (1932) - Vol 6 (1945)
ISSN: 2633-710X (Print), 2633-7118 (Online)