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Editorial board
Peter Clift

Professor Peter Clift
Louisiana State University, USA

Keywords: Geology of Asia and Asian marginal seas, Geology of the Caledonides in the British Isles, subduction tectonics, sedimentary provenance, sediment geochemistry, paleoclimatology, chemical weathering, marine geology

Executive Editors
Emese M Bordy

Dr Emese Bordy
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Keywords: Sedimentology

Tim Johnson

Dr Tim Johnson
Curtin University, Australia

Metamorphic petrology, crystalline rocks, early Earth processes, Archaean geodynamics

Editor Photo

Professor Olivier Lacombe Sorbonne Université, France

Keywords: Structural geology and tectonics; Mountain belts and sedimentary basins; Folds, faults and fractures; Microstructures; Stress and strain; Rock mechanics; Paleopiezometry; Fluid-rock interactions and fluid flow in the shallow crust


Dr Sarah Sherlock Open University, UK

Keywords: Igneous petrology

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Dr Bas Van de SchootbruggeUtrecht University, The Netherlands

Keywords: Palaeontology, Palynology, Mass-extinctions, Ocean Anoxic Events, Proxies, Stable Isotopes, Paleoceanography & Paleoclimate

Associate Editors
Antonio Alvarez Valero2

Dr Antonio Alvarez-Valero
University of Salamanca, Spain

Keywords: Petrologist-geochemist, integrating different approaches (petrography + mineral chemistry + reaction balance + phase diagram modelling + stable and noble gas isotopes), magma genesis and crustal partial melting with implications on volcanic evolution in different systems (extinct and active; basic and acid; onland and submarine)

Maria de Fatima Bitencourt

Professor Maria de Fatima Bitencourt
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Keywords: Granites and related rocks from south Brazil and Uruguay, as well as the African connection, syntectonic magmatism, post-collisional magmatism, shear zones, magmatic structures at meso to microscale, geological mapping, migmatites and magma genesis

Laura Bracciali

Dr Laura Bracciali
 - British Geological Survey, UK

Keywords: Sediment provenance, geochronology, geology of the Himalayas and surface processes

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Professor Alan Collins University of Adelaide, Australia

Keywords: Past plate tectonics and tectonic geography of the Proterozoic. Gondwana-forming orogens, sedimentary geochemistry and geochemical proxies for earth surface systems. Geology of Tethys, Africa, South America, Asia and Australasia. Sedimentology and Basin analysis. Proterozoic basins. 

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Dr Irene Cornacchia Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse IGG-CNR, Italy

Keywords: Cenozoic evolution of Mediterranean carbonate systems, shallow-water carbonates, carbonate sedimentology, carbonate facies and microfacies analyses, stable isotope stratigraphy, radiogenic (Sr and Nd) isotope systematics applied to stratigraphic studies, paleoceanography and paleoclimate

Editor Photo

Dr Kathryn Fitzsimmons - University of Tübingen, Germany

Keywords: Terrestrial sedimentology, geochronology, quaternary

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Dr Kathryn GoodenoughBritish Geological Survey, UK

Keywords: Mineral resources, critical metals, igneous petrogenesis, crustal evolution

Editor Photo

Dr George Guice- Smithsonian Institution, USA

Keywords: Ore geology, mafic/ultramafic igneous petrology and high-temperature geochemistry


Editor Photo

Dr Geoffrey Howarth- University of Cape Town, South Africa

Keywords: Igneous petrology, kimberlites, meteorites and ore geology 

Lily Jackson

Dr Lily Jackson
University of Wyoming, USA

Keywords: Sedimentary Geology, Tectonics, sedimentology, zircon geochronology, Geology of the Andes


Dr Eleanor JenningsBirkbeck, University of London, UK

Keywords: Igneous geochemistry, igneous petrology, mineral chemistry, volcanology, mantle geochemistry, melt generation, core geochemistry, planetary differentiation and high temperature planetary geochemistry 

Editor Photo

Dr Johan Le GoffLabocea, Brest, France

Keywords: Carbonate Sedimentology, Submarine depositional processes, Stratigraphic architecture, Modern and Ancient Carbonate Slopes

Xian-Hua Li

Professor Xian-Hua Li
Institute of Geology and Geophysics CAS, China

Isotope geochronology and geochemistry, Igneous geochemistry, Precambrian geology and continental evolution of China, Isotopic microanalysis

Editor Photo

Professor Guido MeinholdTechnical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Keywords: Source-to-sink studies / Sedimentary Provenance Analysis, Basin analysis, Regional geology, Palaeogeography. Regional specialities: Baltoscandia, Central Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East

Dejan Prelevic

Professor Dejan Prelevic
Johannes Gutenburg University of Mainz, Germany

Keywords: Magmatic Processes, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Experimental Petrology, Geodynamics, High-Temperature Geochemistry, the geology of the Mediterranean area

Dilip Saha

Dr Dilip Saha
Indian Statistical Institute, India

Keywords: Structure and tectonics in Archean granite-greenstone terrains and Proterozoic fold-and-thrust belts. microstructures and fabric development, the Himalayan orogen, geology of India


Dr Renata SchmittUniversity of Bern, Switzerland

Keywords: Tectonics and geochronology

Simon Schorn Associate Editor

Dr Simon Schorn Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, Austria

Keywords: Metamorphic petrology, granulites, eclogites & eclogitization, reaction textures, thermal consequences of (de)hydration & melting, thermodynamic modelling, calculated chemical potential relationships, zircon- & monazite U-Pb geochronology

Lara Sciscio

Dr Lara Sciscio
Jurassica Museum, Switzerland

Keywords: Sedimentology, Triassic-Jurassic boundary, palaeontology, palaeoenvironments, continental ichnology


Professor Paul Spry
Iowa State University, USA

Keywords: Economic geology (metallic minerals), mineralogy, and metamorphic petrology

Shiming Wan

Dr Shiming Wan
Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Keywords: Marine sedimentology and paleoclimatology. Sediment from source to sink, Weathering and erosion, River evolution, Eolian dust, East Asian monsoon evolution, Tectonic-climate interactions, Carbon cycle, Clay minerals, Sediment geochemistry, Cenozoic and Quaternary climate change, East Asian marginal seas, West Pacific

Dr Bo Wang Ed. Board Photo

Dr Bo Wang Department of Earth Sciences, Nanjing University, China

Keywords: Rheology and deformation of rocks, tectonic evolution of orogenic belts; Mechanism of magma emplacement in different tectonic settings; Accretionary orogenesis and intracontinental overprintings in Central Asia and South China.


Professor Yongdong WangNanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Chun-Jing Wei

Professor Chun-Jing Wei
Peking University, China

Keywords: Metamorphic petrology, Precambrian geology and orogenic evolution