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Author instructions

* If publishing Gold Open Access, all or part of the publication costs for these article types may be covered by one of the agreements Cambridge University Press has made to support open access.


Papers must be written in English.

Guidelines re: paper type and length

Research papers of two types are allowed. ‘Full’ papers should normally be no more than about 6000 words of text (approx 24 pages) plus tables and figures. Short papers, where the text is not divided into sections, of up to 1500 words of text plus tables and figures are encouraged when the subject matter is novel or urgent. In both cases, an abstract (full papers – 150 words; short papers – 100 words) is required. If you wish to submit a research paper or review significantly longer than indicated above, please contact the appropriate Editor (see below).

Submission of manuscripts

In a letter accompanying the manuscript, the submitting author must state that all authors agree with the final version of the manuscript. The letter must also state that the manuscript has not previously been published elsewhere, either in full or in part, and that, while under review for Clay Minerals, it will not be submitted to any other publication. Authors are encouraged to suggest up to three possible reviewers for their papers.

Online submission

Authors should submit their papers online at