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  • ISSN: 0954-5867 (Print), 1474-0621 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Sarah Hibberd Victoria Rooms,|Queens Road|Clifton|BS8 1SA, and Dr Ellen Lockhart Faculty of Music|University of Toronto|Edward Johnson Building|80 Queen's Park|Toronto Ontario M5S 2C5
  • Editorial board
Containing lively and provocative essays, Cambridge Opera Journal has a well-established reputation for publishing first-rate scholarship on opera in all its manifestations. The Journal not only contains material on all aspects of the European canon, it has now widened its scope to publish high-quality essays on American opera and musical theatre, on non-Western music theatres, on contemporary works. Carefully researched and often illustrated with music examples and pictures, articles adopt a wide spectrum of critical approaches. As well as major articles, each issue generally includes reviews of recent publications of importance in the field.