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The Australian Journal of Environmental Education is an ‘open access’ journal; from 2023 articles are published with a Creative Commons license and freely available to read online (see the journal's Open Access Options page for available license options).
The costs of open access publication will be covered through agreements between the publisher and the author’s institution, payment of APCs by funding bodies or else waived entirely, ensuring every author can publish and enjoy the benefits of OA.
Please see the journal's Open Access Options page for instructions on how to apply for an APC waiver.
See this FAQ for more information.
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  • ISSN: 0814-0626 (Print), 2049-775X (Online)
  • Editor: Associate Professor Peta J. White Deakin University, Australia
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The Australian Journal of Environmental Education (AJEE) is one of the oldest internationally refereed environmental education journals which publishes manuscripts on all aspects of contemporary research and practice.

AJEE provides significant, innovative contributions to research and practice to communicate and stimulate debate for enhancing and expanding the field of environmental education.

AJEE is Gold Open Access and is supported by an international Editorial Executive and Editorial Board.

Post-qualitative inquiry: Theory and practice in environmental education

Special issue guest edited by Paul Hart and Peta White. Read the full issue here.

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