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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: September 2020

Shakespeare Survey - Series page

  • Edited by Emma Smith, University of Oxford
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • pp ii-ii
(1)Shakespeare and his Stage
(2)Shakespearian Production
(3)The Man and the Writer
(5)Textual Criticism
(6)The Histories
(7)Style and Language
(8)The Comedies
(10)The Roman Plays
(11)The Last Plays (with an index to Surveys 1–10)
(12)The Elizabethan Theatre
(13)King Lear
(14)Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
(15)The Poems and Music
(16)Shakespeare in the Modern World
(17)Shakespeare in his Own Age
(18)Shakespeare Then Till Now
(20)Shakespearian and Other Tragedy
(21)Othello (with an index to Surveys 11–20)
(22)Aspects of Shakespearian Comedy
(23)Shakespeare’s Language
(24)Shakespeare: Theatre Poet
(25)Shakespeare’s Problem Plays
(26)Shakespeare’s Jacobean Tragedies
(27)Shakespeare’s Early Tragedies
(28)Shakespeare and the Ideas of his Time
(29)Shakespeare’s Last Plays
(30)Henry IV to Hamlet
(31)Shakespeare and the Classical World (with an index to Surveys 21–30)
(32)The Middle Comedies
(33)King Lear
(34)Characterization in Shakespeare
(35)Shakespeare in the Nineteenth Century
(36)Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century
(37)Shakespeare’s Earlier Comedies
(38)Shakespeare and History
(39)Shakespeare on Film and Television
(40)Current Approaches to Shakespeare through Language, Text and Theatre
(41)Shakespearian Stages and Staging (with an index to Surveys 31–40)
(42)Shakespeare and the Elizabethans
(43)The Tempest and After
(44)Shakespeare and Politics
(45)Hamlet and its Afterlife
(46)Shakespeare and Sexuality
(47)Playing Places for Shakespeare
(48)Shakespeare and Cultural Exchange
(49)Romeo and Juliet and its Afterlife
(50)Shakespeare and Language
(51)Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century (with an index to Surveys 41–50)
(52)Shakespeare and the Globe
(53)Shakespeare and Narrative
(54)Shakespeare and Religions
(55)King Lear and its Afterlife
(56)Shakespeare and Comedy
(57)Macbeth and its Afterlife
(58)Writing About Shakespeare
(59)Editing Shakespeare
(60)Theatres for Shakespeare
(61)Shakespeare, Sound and Screen
(62)Close Encounters with Shakespeare’s Text
(63)Shakespeare’s English Histories and their Afterlives
(64)Shakespeare as Cultural Catalyst
(65)A Midsummer Night’s Dream
(66)Working with Shakespeare
(67)Shakespeare’s Collaborative Work
(68)Shakespeare, Origins and Originality
(69)Shakespeare and Rome
(70)Creating Shakespeare
(71)Re-Creating Shakespeare
(72)Shakespeare and War
(73)Shakespeare and the City
Shakespeare Survey: A Sixty-Year Cumulative Index
Aspects of Macbeth
Aspects of Othello
Aspects of Hamlet
Aspects of King Lear
Aspects of Shakespeare’s ‘Problem Plays’