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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: March 2021

Appendix 14 - Family Dynasties of Property Owners


Medium-size families

The Bateman family

The driving forces in the Bateman family were the two Richards, father and son. Their reputation was such that both were jurors for the Hundred Rolls. The first recorded member of the family is Selede, who had two sons, Eustace and John. John had at least five sons: Richard senior, Geoffrey, Gilbert of Hardleston, John Tws and Wade. Three of the five sons had different surnames, whilst the other two had no surname at all. Richard senior had a son Richard junior, his heir. In 1279 they both held significant amounts of property.

Richard senior converted to Judaism. It is possible that other sons of John Selede converted too and adopted new names. Richard received a reward for his conversion from Barnwell Priory. In return he gave the Priory two fees worth 12s per annum. Richard (probably senior) also gave 4s annual rent to Anglesey Priory.

Both father and son acquired significant property portfolios through purchase. Richard senior's portfolio was centred around the market: it comprised a messuage in St Mary's which he bought from Adam of Lincoln; two shops in the Butchery bought from Richard Burs; and some vacant land in St Mary’s, also bought from Richard Burs. He also inherited a shop in St Edward's from his father. In 1295 Robert junior was paying 4s. rent on a shop in the Butchery to Barnwell priory. It may be Richard senior who in c.1274 purchased from St Radegund's Priory a messuage formerly of William Novacurt (an aristocrat) in return for rents on various properties, namely a messuage in St Botolph's near the King's Ditch by Trumpington Gate and three shops in Pyron Lane, running from Trumpington Street towards Milne Street.

Richard junior purchased a messuage in St Mary's bought from Humphrey of Clopton and Juliana his wife; four shops in St Mary's from Thomas of Cottenham; three shops in St Michael's and a messuage in St Edwards from Anglesey Priory, which they had been given by Richard Hubert; 3.5 acres in the Cambridge fields bought from John But; and 0.5 acres in the same fields bought from John above the market.