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As the processes of regionalisation and globalisation have intensified, there have been accompanying increases in the regulation of international trade and economic law at the levels of international, regional and national laws. The subject matter of this series is international economic law. Its core will be the regulation of international trade, investment and cognate areas, such as intellectual property and competition policy. The series publishes books on related regulatory areas, in particular human rights, labour, environment and culture, as well as sustainable development. These areas are vertically linked at the international, regional and national level, and the series extends to the implementation of these rules at these different levels. The series also includes works on governance, dealing with the structure and operation of related international organisations in the field of international economic law, and the way they interact with other subjects of international and national law.

  • General Editors: Lorand Bartels, University of Cambridge, Thomas Cottier, University of Berne, Tomer Broude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Andrea K. Bjorklund, McGill University, Montréal