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Efficiency of different incubation systems for the in vitro production of bovine embryos

  • Camila M. Cavalcanti (a1), Iana S. Campelo (a1), Mirelly M.A.S. Silva (a1), João V.S. Albuquerque (a1), Luciana M. Melo (a1) and Vicente J.F. Freitas (a1)...


This study aimed to compare the efficiency of different incubation systems for in vitro embryo production in bovine. Oocytes/embryos were cultured in three incubators: conventional – CONV, mini bench – MINI and portable – PORT. After in vitro maturation (IVM), oocytes were verified for maturation rate. The remaining structures were submitted to in vitro fertilization and culture to verify cleavage (day 2) and blastocyst (day 7) rates. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) were evaluated in post-IVM oocytes and embryos (days 2 and 7) using arbitrary fluorescence units (AFUs). No significant difference (P>0.05) was observed for maturation rate. The CONV system (74.0%) produced the highest cleavage rate (P<0.05) when compared with PORT (59.5%), but similar (P>0.05) to MINI (65.0%). The same pattern and differences were observed for blastocyst rate: CONV (33.3%), MINI (32.3%) and PORT (21.9%). ROS levels were not different (P>0.05) in post-IVM oocytes: CONV (35.6±4.5), MINI (29.4±4.0) and PORT (35.6±4.5). For day-2 embryos, ROS levels were higher (P<0.05) in MINI (44.2±3.1) in comparison with CONV (27.7±3.7) and PORT (33.3±3.2). No significant difference (P>0.05) was observed in blastocysts. In conclusion, although it produced high ROS levels at day 2 of culture, the MINI system was as efficient as the CONV system for blastocyst production. This option may be an interesting and economical for the in vitro embryo industry.


Corresponding author

*All correspondence to: Vicente José de Figueirêdo Freitas. Laboratory of Physiology and Control of Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary, State University of Ceará, Fortaleza-CE, Brazil. Tel: +55 8531019861. E-mail:


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Efficiency of different incubation systems for the in vitro production of bovine embryos

  • Camila M. Cavalcanti (a1), Iana S. Campelo (a1), Mirelly M.A.S. Silva (a1), João V.S. Albuquerque (a1), Luciana M. Melo (a1) and Vicente J.F. Freitas (a1)...


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