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Effect of medium composition on the in vitro culture of bovine pre-antral follicles: morphology and viability do not guarantee functionality

  • Rafael Rossetto (a1), Márcia Viviane Alves Saraiva (a2), Regiane Rodrigues dos Santos (a3), Cleidson Manoel Gomes da Silva (a2), Luciana Rocha Faustino (a2), Roberta Nogueira Chaves (a2), Ivina Rocha Brito (a2), Giovanna Quintino Rodrigues (a2), Isadora Machado Teixeira Lima (a2), Mariana Aragão Matos Donato (a4), Christina Alves Peixoto (a4) and José Ricardo de Figueiredo (a2)...


This study investigated the effect of three different culture media (α minimum essential medium (α-MEM), McCoy or TCM199 during the in vitro culture (IVC) of bovine isolated pre-antral follicles. Pre-antral follicles greater than 150 μm in size were isolated and cultured for 0 (control), 8 or 16 days in one of the abovementioned culture media. Follicles were evaluated for survival, growth and antrum formation at days 8 and 16. The results showed that TCM199 was the most suitable medium to preserve follicular viability and ultrastructure, resulting in the highest rates of antrum formation. In conclusion, TCM199 promotes the in vitro development of isolated pre-antral follicles without hampering follicular functionality by sustaining in vitro growth and antrum formation.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Rafael Rossetto. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Veterinárias (PPGCV), Laboratório de Manipulação de Oócitos e Folículos Pré-Antrais (LAMOFOPA), Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE), Av. Paranjana, 1700, Campus do Itaperi, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil. CEP: 60740-000. Tel: +55 85 3101.9852. Fax: +55 85 3101 9840. e-mail:


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