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Spread of Water and Oil Droplets on Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) Leaves

  • Chester G. Mcwhorter (a1), Clark Ouzts (a2) and James E. Hanks (a1)


Comparative spread of droplets of several different oils and water with different adjuvants on leaf surfaces was investigated. Spread was better on the lower surface of johnsongrass leaves than on upper leaf surfaces with nine of 14 oils studied; two spread best on upper leaf surfaces, and three were equal in spread on both surfaces. Differences in spread coefficients did not appear to be directly related to surface tension, viscosity, or mid-boiling point of the oils. Soybean or cottonseed oils did not spread as well as petroleum oils but methylated soybean and sunflower oils had high spread coefficients on both upper and lower leaf surfaces. All but one petroleum-base oil spread three to four times better on leaf surfaces than on oil-sensitive paper. Water mixtures of an organosilicone surfactant spread much better on water-sensitive paper and on johnsongrass leaves than water with conventional adjuvants, but spread of paraffinic oils exceeded that of any water-adjuvant mixture. Spread coefficients of most petroleum-base oils were better on lower than upper leaf surfaces. Spread usually increased as the age of leaves increased from 14 to 56 d. Water droplets with adjuvant had at least an 86% weight loss after 6 min, but low volatile paraffinic oil droplets had little weight loss 2 d after application.



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Spread of Water and Oil Droplets on Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) Leaves

  • Chester G. Mcwhorter (a1), Clark Ouzts (a2) and James E. Hanks (a1)


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