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Response of Waterhyacinth to Laser Radiation

  • Richard Couch (a1) and Edward O. Gangstad (a2)


Waterhyacinth [Eichornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms.] was partially controlled with 10.6 nm laser radiation. Radiation levels of < 1 J/cm2 for individually irradiated plants and 69 J/cm2 for group-irradiated plants significantly inhibited growth. Photosynthesis in treated plant-leaf tissue was inhibited about 50% by an exposure level of 4 J/cm2. 14C-labeled compounds fixed by plant-leaf tissue following laser treatment were found to be normally distributed.



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Response of Waterhyacinth to Laser Radiation

  • Richard Couch (a1) and Edward O. Gangstad (a2)


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