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Residues and Persistence of Glyphosate in Irrigation Water

  • R. D. Comes (a1), V. F. Bruns (a1) and A. D. Kelley (a1)


Neither glyphosate [N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine] nor the soil metabolite aminomethylphosphonic acid were detected in the first flow of water through two canals following application of glyphosate at 5.6 kg/ha to ditchbanks when the canals were dry. Soil samples collected the day before canals were filled (about 23 weeks after treatment) contained about 0.35 ppm glyphosate and 0.78 ppm aminomethylphosphonic acid in the 0 to 10-cm layer. When glyphosate was metered into the water at a rate calculated to provide 150 ppb in the canal water at a single site on two flowing canals, about 70% of the glyphosate was accounted for 1.6 km downstream from the application site. Thereafter, the rate of disappearance diminished, and about 58% of the applied glyphosate was present at the end of the canals 8 or 14.4 km downstream from the introduction sites.



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Residues and Persistence of Glyphosate in Irrigation Water

  • R. D. Comes (a1), V. F. Bruns (a1) and A. D. Kelley (a1)


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