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A Rare Ile-2041-Thr Mutation in the ACCase Gene Confers Resistance to ACCase-inhibiting Herbicides in Shortawn Foxtail (Alopecurus aequalis)

  • Wenlei Guo (a1), Lele Zhang (a1), Hengzhi Wang (a1), Qi Li (a1), Weitang Liu (a1) and Jinxin Wang (a1)...


Understanding the mechanism of herbicide resistance is fundamental for designing sustainable weed control strategies and exploiting herbicides rationally. Shortawn foxtail is a problem grass weed infesting several important crops in China. The repeated use of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase)-inhibiting herbicides has resulted in herbicide resistance in this weed. The ACCase gene of resistant individuals of a shortawn foxtail population (JSLS-1) has an Ile-2041-Thr mutation. F2 generation seeds, originated from the same heterozygous plant, were harvested, and two homozygous mutant (JSLS-1RR) and wild (JSLS-1SS) populations for the Ile-2041-Thr mutation were obtained. In whole plants, the JSLS-1RR population conferred high resistance to fenoxaprop and clodinafop, moderate resistance to haloxyfop, low resistance to pinoxaden, and no obvious resistance to clethodim and sethoxydim, compared with JSLS-1SS and a proven susceptible population (HNXY-1). A derived cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (dCAPS) marker was developed to rapidly detect the rare Ile-2041-Thr mutation in the shortawn foxtail population. This is the first report of the cross-resistance pattern of Ile-2041-Thr mutation, and the robust dCAPS marker could quickly detect this mutation in shortawn foxtail.


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Associate Editor: Franck E. Dayan, Colorado State University



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