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Influence of Weed Control on Weed Population in Ridge-till Corn (Zea mays)

  • Gail A. Wicks (a1), Robert G. Wilson (a1), Garold W. Mahnken (a1) and Gordon E. Hanson (a1)


Field studies were conducted to determine the influence of annual herbicide treatments plus cultivation on weed populations and corn yields in ridge-till corn during a 3-yr period at Mitchell, NE, and a 7-yr period at North Platte, NE. When the experiment was initiated at North Platte, no weeds were present before corn planting. It took 4 yr before triazine-resistant kochia became a problem before corn planting in plots treated with atrazine, but these were controlled by other operations prior to corn harvest. In the cultivated check, green foxtail densities before harvest increased from 0 in 1985 to 32 plants 100 m−2 in 1991. Annual applications of dicamba plus 2,4-D 10 d early preplant followed by cultivation controlled triazine-resistant kochia and velvetleaf, but common lambsquarters, nightshade species, and green foxtail increased. Volunteer corn was controlled with cultivation. After 3 yr at Mitchell, the annual weed population increased 10-fold in the cultivated check. Thus, corn yields were reduced 64% with two cultivations compared with an annual early preplant application of dicamba plus 2,4-D followed by alachlor plus cyanazine PRE and two cultivations. With two cultivations under low annual weed populations at North Platte, grain yield from the cultivated check treatment was not different from annual treatments of herbicides after 7 yr. Metolachlor plus atrazine occasionally caused a reduction in corn grain yields.



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Influence of Weed Control on Weed Population in Ridge-till Corn (Zea mays)

  • Gail A. Wicks (a1), Robert G. Wilson (a1), Garold W. Mahnken (a1) and Gordon E. Hanson (a1)


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