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Herbicides for Postemergence Control of Annual Grass Weeds in Seedling Forage Grasses

  • Thomas J. Peters (a1), Russell S. Moomaw (a1) and Alex R. Martin (a1)


The control of three summer annual grass weeds with herbicides during establishment of forage grasses was studied near Concord and Mead, NE, in 1984, 1985, and 1986. Three cool-season forage grasses, intermediate wheatgrass, tall fescue, and smooth bromegrass, and two warm-season grasses, big bluestem and switchgrass, were included. The control of three major summer annual grasses, green foxtail, barnyardgrass, and large crabgrass, was excellent with fenoxaprop at 0.22 kg ai/ha. Slight to moderate injury to cool-season forage grasses and severe injury to warm-season grasses were evident. Sethoxydim at 0.22 kg ai/ha and haloxyfop at 0.11 kg ai/ha controlled green foxtail and large crabgrass, but not barnyardgrass. Sulfometuron-treated big bluestem and switchgrass plots had the best forage stand frequencies and yields and, at the rate used, sulfometuron satisfactorily controlled green foxtail but only marginally controlled barnyardgrass and large crabgrass.



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Herbicides for Postemergence Control of Annual Grass Weeds in Seedling Forage Grasses

  • Thomas J. Peters (a1), Russell S. Moomaw (a1) and Alex R. Martin (a1)


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