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Functional Genomics Analysis of Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) with Special Reference to the Evolution of Non–Target-Site Glyphosate Resistance

  • Joshua S. Yuan (a1), Laura L. G. Abercrombie (a2), Yongwei Cao (a3), Matthew D. Halfhill (a2) (a4), Xin Zhou (a1), Yanhui Peng (a2), Jun Hu (a1) (a2), Murali R. Rao (a2), Gregory R. Heck (a3), Thomas J. Larosa (a3), R. Douglas Sammons (a3), Xinwang Wang (a5), Priya Ranjan (a2) (a6), Denita H. Johnson (a5), Phillip A. Wadl (a5), Brian E. Scheffler (a7), Timothy A. Rinehart (a8), Robert N. Trigiano (a5) and C. Neal Stewart (a2)...


The evolution of glyphosate resistance in weedy species places an environmentally benign herbicide in peril. The first report of a dicot plant with evolved glyphosate resistance was horseweed, which occurred in 2001. Since then, several species have evolved glyphosate resistance and genomic information about nontarget resistance mechanisms in any of them ranges from none to little. Here, we report a study combining iGentifier transcriptome analysis, cDNA sequencing, and a heterologous microarray analysis to explore potential molecular and transcriptomic mechanisms of nontarget glyphosate resistance of horseweed. The results indicate that similar molecular mechanisms might exist for nontarget herbicide resistance across multiple resistant plants from different locations, even though resistance among these resistant plants likely evolved independently and available evidence suggests resistance has evolved at least four separate times. In addition, both the microarray and sequence analyses identified non–target-site resistance candidate genes for follow-on functional genomics analysis.


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Functional Genomics Analysis of Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) with Special Reference to the Evolution of Non–Target-Site Glyphosate Resistance

  • Joshua S. Yuan (a1), Laura L. G. Abercrombie (a2), Yongwei Cao (a3), Matthew D. Halfhill (a2) (a4), Xin Zhou (a1), Yanhui Peng (a2), Jun Hu (a1) (a2), Murali R. Rao (a2), Gregory R. Heck (a3), Thomas J. Larosa (a3), R. Douglas Sammons (a3), Xinwang Wang (a5), Priya Ranjan (a2) (a6), Denita H. Johnson (a5), Phillip A. Wadl (a5), Brian E. Scheffler (a7), Timothy A. Rinehart (a8), Robert N. Trigiano (a5) and C. Neal Stewart (a2)...


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