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Enhanced Biodegradation of Carbamothioates after Cold Storage of Treated Soil

  • Vicki W. McCusker (a1), Horace D. Skipper (a1), Dewitt T. Gooden (a1) and Joseph P. Zublena (a2)


Laboratory experiments were conducted to evaluate butylate and EPTC degradation in two butylate-history soils collected in 1983, 1984, and 1985, and stored at 4 C. No significant differences in biodegradation of butylate and EPTC were found due to length of cold storage of Varina or Wagram soils. Enhanced biodegradation of butylate and cross-adaptation for EPTC were not affected. Storage of soils up to 2 yr should not adversely affect results.



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Enhanced Biodegradation of Carbamothioates after Cold Storage of Treated Soil

  • Vicki W. McCusker (a1), Horace D. Skipper (a1), Dewitt T. Gooden (a1) and Joseph P. Zublena (a2)


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