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ALS–Resistant Annual Sedge (Cyperus compressus) Confirmed in Turfgrass

  • Patrick E. McCullough (a1), Jialin Yu (a1), J. Scott McElroy (a2), S. Chen (a2), H. Zhang (a2), Timothy L. Grey (a1) and Mark A. Czarnota (a3)...


Acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitors are widely used for POST control of sedges in turfgrass. A suspected resistant (R) biotype of annual sedge was collected from a bermudagrass turf in Georgia with a history of exclusive use of halosulfuron. Research was conducted to evaluate the resistance level of this biotype to halosulfuron, efficacy of ALS-inhibiting herbicides and other mechanisms of action for control, and the molecular and physiological basis for resistance. In greenhouse experiments, the halosulfuron rate required to reduce shoot biomass 50% in comparison with the nontreated at 8 wk after treatment (WAT) were 8 and > 1,120 g ai ha−1 for the S (susceptible) and R biotypes, respectively. Imazapic, sulfosulfuron, and trifloxysulfuron reduced biomass of the S biotype greater than 60% at 8 WAT, but biomass was reduced less than 20% for the R biotype. Glufosinate, glyphosate, MSMA, and sulfentrazone reduced shoot biomass of the R biotype by 93, 86, 97, and 45%, respectively. In laboratory experiments, the halosulfuron concentration required to inhibit ALS activity by 50% in excised leaf tissues was 5.8 and > 1,000 μM for the S and R biotypes, respectively. Gene sequencing of the R biotype revealed a Pro-197-Ser substitution that confers resistance to ALS inhibitors. This is the first report of ALS-inhibitor resistance in annual sedge and herbicide resistance in a sedge species from a turfgrass system.


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Associate Editor for this paper: Dean Reichers, University of Illinois.



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ALS–Resistant Annual Sedge (Cyperus compressus) Confirmed in Turfgrass

  • Patrick E. McCullough (a1), Jialin Yu (a1), J. Scott McElroy (a2), S. Chen (a2), H. Zhang (a2), Timothy L. Grey (a1) and Mark A. Czarnota (a3)...


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