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Microspectrophotometric determinations of rod visual pigments in some adult and larval Australian amphibians

  • J. C. Partridge (a1), P. Speare (a2), J. Shand (a2) (a3), W. R. A. Muntz (a4) and D. McB. Williams (a2)...


Visual pigments from the red rods of adults of eight species of Australian anuran amphibians, from a variety of habitats, were analyzed by microspectrophotometry. The λmax in all cases fell between 502 nm and 506 nm, and the absorption spectra were well fitted by an A1-based visual pigment template curve. Red rod pigments were also analyzed for a number of tadpoles. In some cases the data were best fitted with an A1based visual pigment template, in other cases with an A2-based template, and finally some tadpoles appeared to have mixtures of the two pigments.



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Microspectrophotometric determinations of rod visual pigments in some adult and larval Australian amphibians

  • J. C. Partridge (a1), P. Speare (a2), J. Shand (a2) (a3), W. R. A. Muntz (a4) and D. McB. Williams (a2)...


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