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Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research

  • Sylia Wilson (a1), Kevin Haroian (a2), William G. Iacono (a2), Robert F. Krueger (a2), James J. Lee (a2), Monica Luciana (a2), Stephen M. Malone (a2), Matt McGue (a2), Glenn I. Roisman (a1) (a2) and Scott Vrieze (a2)...


The Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) comprises multiple longitudinal, community-representative investigations of twin and adoptive families that focus on psychological adjustment, personality, cognitive ability and brain function, with a special emphasis on substance use and related psychopathology. The MCTFR includes the Minnesota Twin Registry (MTR), a cohort of twins who have completed assessments in middle and older adulthood; the Minnesota Twin Family Study (MTFS) of twins assessed from childhood and adolescence into middle adulthood; the Enrichment Study (ES) of twins oversampled for high risk for substance-use disorders assessed from childhood into young adulthood; the Adolescent Brain (AdBrain) study, a neuroimaging study of adolescent twins; and the Siblings Interaction and Behavior Study (SIBS), a study of adoptive and nonadoptive families assessed from adolescence into young adulthood. Here we provide a brief overview of key features of these established studies and describe new MCTFR investigations that follow up and expand upon existing studies or recruit and assess new samples, including the MTR Study of Relationships, Personality, and Health (MTR-RPH); the Colorado-Minnesota (COMN) Marijuana Study; the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study; the Colorado Online Twins (CoTwins) study and the Children of Twins (CoT) study.


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Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research

  • Sylia Wilson (a1), Kevin Haroian (a2), William G. Iacono (a2), Robert F. Krueger (a2), James J. Lee (a2), Monica Luciana (a2), Stephen M. Malone (a2), Matt McGue (a2), Glenn I. Roisman (a1) (a2) and Scott Vrieze (a2)...


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