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The Colorado Twin Registry: 2019 Update

  • Robin P. Corley (a1), Chandra A. Reynolds (a2), Sally J. Wadsworth (a1), Sally-Ann Rhea (a1) and John K. Hewitt (a1)...


The Colorado Twin Registry (CTR) is a population-based registry formed from birth and school records including twins born between 1968 and the present. Two previous reports on the CTR [Rhea et al., (2006). Twin Research and Human Genetics, 9, 941–949; Rhea et al., (2013).Twin Research and Human Genetics, 16, 351–357] covered developments in the CTR through 2012. This report briefly summarizes previously presented material on ascertainment and recruitment and the relationships between samples and studies, discusses developments since 2012 for four previously described twin samples, describes two new samples and their complementary studies and expands on two subjects briefly mentioned in the last report: a history of genotyping efforts involving CTR samples, and a survey of collaborations and consortia in which CTR twins have been included. The CTR remains an active resource for both ongoing, longitudinal research and the recruitment of new twin samples for newly identified research opportunities.


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*Author for correspondence: Robin P. Corley, Email:


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Corley et al. supplementary material

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The Colorado Twin Registry: 2019 Update

  • Robin P. Corley (a1), Chandra A. Reynolds (a2), Sally J. Wadsworth (a1), Sally-Ann Rhea (a1) and John K. Hewitt (a1)...


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