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Production and optoelectronic response of Tb3+ activated gadolinium oxide nanocrystalline phosphors

  • Samiran Hazarika (a1) and Dambarudhar Mohanta (a1)


We report on the fabrication and optoelectronic features of Tb3+ doped gadolinium oxide (Gd2O3) nanpowders. The nanosystems were found to exhibit cubic crystalline structure with an average crystallite size in the range of 11–24 nm. Inclusion of Tb3+ into Gd2O3 host has led to suppression of the optical gap but resulted in the enhanced refractive index of the corresponding nanophosphor. In the PL spectra, apart from the oxygen defect related emissions, Tb3+ mediated (0.5% of doping level) improved radiative emissions owing to 5D47F6 and 5D47F5 transitions were found to be located at 492 and 548 nm; respectively. Rare earth ion doped rare earth oxide nanopowders may find immediate scope in smart optoelectronic elements and advanced nanometric phosphors.


Corresponding author


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Production and optoelectronic response of Tb3+ activated gadolinium oxide nanocrystalline phosphors

  • Samiran Hazarika (a1) and Dambarudhar Mohanta (a1)


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