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I-V characteristics of Ag/OD-MO/Ag surface-type diode fabricated by deposition of organic film from solution under the effect of an electric field

  • M. Saleem (a1), M. H. Sayyad (a1), Kh. S. Karimov (a1) (a2), Z. M. Karieva (a3), K. Y. Cheong (a4) and A. F. Mohd Noor (a4)...


In this study, Ag/OD-MO/Ag surface-type diode was fabricated by drop-casting orange dye and methyl orange blend thin film from 1.0 wt.% aqueous solution, under the effect of an electric field, on a glass substrate with preliminary deposited silver electrodes. Geometrical length and width of the semiconducting channel between metallic electrodes were equal to 40 μm and 21 mm, respectively. The dark I-V characteristics exhibited strong rectification behaviour though both electrodes were from the same metal. The average value of rectification ratio (RR) was 27 and it was found that RR varies with applied voltage in the range of 1–40. The dark I-V characteristics were simulated by modified Shockley equation and space-charge limited currents (SCLC) approach. Different diode parameters were calculated from current-voltage characteristics. The diode showed non-ideal I-V behaviour with a quality factor greater than unity. Energy band diagram is proposed for the Ag/OD-MO/Ag surface-type diode.


Corresponding author


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