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Increase in performances of focused microacoustic sensors by couplant adjustment*

  • B. Cros (a1), N. Brunet (a1) and J. Attal (a1)


The characteristics of the various modes of acoustic waves (velocity, attenuation, efficiency) radiated towards the focused sensor of an acoustic microscope are related to the acoustic properties of the coupling fluid. The aqueous solutions of electrolytes are suitable as coupling fluids because their acoustic properties can be adjusted owing to the choice of the nature and of the concentration of the dissolved ions. By adjusting the properties of the couplant, the performances of the sensors of the acoustic microscopes can be extended. The image contrasts and the accuracy of measurements of the acoustic waves velocity are improved, the radiation of the chosen modes are enhanced and very high frequencies can be used.


Corresponding author


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This subject was presented at C2I’98 at Cachan the November 18-19, 1998.



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Increase in performances of focused microacoustic sensors by couplant adjustment*

  • B. Cros (a1), N. Brunet (a1) and J. Attal (a1)


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