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Electron irradiation effect on thermal donors in CZ-Si

  • K. Takakura (a1), H. Ohyama (a1), H. Murakawa (a1), T. Yoshida (a1), J. M. Rafí (a2), R. Job (a3), A. Ulyashin (a3), E. Simoen (a2) and C. Claeys (a2) (a4)...


Electrical properties of the shallow thermal donors (TDs) in n-type CZ-Si diodes by the electron irradiation were investigated. After the electron irradiation, carrier concentration was decreased. From deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements, some peaks related to TDs and vacancy-oxygen complexes were observed for the irradiated samples. The peak related to V-O and/or A-center at E C -0.18 eV increased with the electron fluence. To compare that, the level of E C -0.09 eV related to TDs was independent of electron fluence. In addition to that, reverse current of the diodes was increased with increasing irradiated electron fluence.


Corresponding author


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