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The Psychiatry Ashes

January 2018 saw the beginning of a friendly competition between BJPsych and the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (ANZJP). The batting papers (BPs) for each team have been identified and play is underway. Here, we outline the full rules of the game.


Each BP will earn a score that is based on two factors: the stroke power (SP) and the number of citations it receives (runs). Throughout the year, the number of runs will be added to the SP.

Stroke power

The SP of each BP has been calculated as A×B, where A is half the impact factor of the journal in which the BP is published and B represents the hierarchy of the authorship (a value of 2 if the player is first or last author, and a value of 1 if the player is a co-author.


Every time a BP is cited during 2018, it will achieve runs on the basis of the impact factor of the citing journal, with rounding down to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 (possible cricket scores). For example, a citation in BMJ Open would score 2 given that its impact factor is 2.369. Self-citations will not be counted, and neither will citations to BPs within BJPsych or ANZJP papers published in 2018.

Losing wickets

Every month from February, a BP from each team will be selected randomly and ‘bowled out’. By the end of the year, 11 papers from each team will have been taken out of competition. The scores accumulated up until a BP is dismissed will count towards the total score. Each player can lose only one of their two BPs.

Team members and batting papers

BJP Ashes Table


Regular updates will be published in BJPsych and ANZJP.