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Paleoecology of Bryozoa

  • Daniel B. Blake (a1)


Duncan (1957) and Osburn (1957) provided excellent literature surveys on the paleoecology and ecology of bryozoans; this report is intended as an updating of Duncan's work. Publications on modern bryozoans are not included here except for certain papers directed toward paleontologic problems. Since Duncan, and Osburn, ecological and paleoecological summaries have been published by Hyman (1959), Cheetham (1963), Ryland (1970) and Cuffey (1970). Schopf (1969) surveyed bryozoan paleoecology from the viewpoint of colony growth habits and Heckel (1974) and Cuffey (1977) summarized knowledge of bryozoan occurrences in reefs. Most authors have emphasized cheilostomes; information on stenolaemates is limited.


Paleoecology of Bryozoa

  • Daniel B. Blake (a1)


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