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Targeting and processing of membrane-anchored YFP fusion proteins to protein storage vacuoles in transgenic tobacco seeds

  • Ka Leung Fung (a1), Yin Fun Yim (a1), Yu Chung Tse (a1), Yansong Miao (a1), Samuel S.M. Sun (a1) and Liwen Jiang (a1)...


Seeds that store proteins in protein storage vacuoles are attractive bioreactors for producing and storing large amounts of pharmaceutical proteins. However, foreign proteins expressed in transgenic plants are subjected to the delivery and modification processes present within plant cells. Here, it is demonstrated that unique membrane sequences deliver a yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) to the seed protein storage vacuoles in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) plants, where the YFP is then separated from its membrane anchors. This precise targeting and separation is required for the successful delivery of useful proteins to seed protein storage vacuoles for their stable accumulation in transgenic crops.


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