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A prototype ground-remote telerobot control system

  • Paul G. Backes (a1), John Beahan (a1), Mark K. Long (a1), Robert D. Steele (a1), Bruce Bon (a1) and Wayne Zimmerman (a1)...


A local-remote telerobot control system is described which is being developed for time-delayed groundremote control of space telerobotic systems. The system includes a local site operator interface for interactive command building and sequencing for supervised autonomy and a remote site: the Modular Telerobot Task Execution System (MOTES), to provide the remote site task execution capability. The local site system also provides stereo graphics overlay on video with interactive update of the remote environmental model. The operator selects objects in the environment to interact with and skill types to specify the tasks to be performed, such as grasping a module or opening a door.



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