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A new kinematics method based on a dynamic visual window for a surgical robot

  • Lingtao Yu (a1) (a2), Zhengyu Wang (a1), Peng Yu (a1), Tao Wang (a1), Huajian Song (a1) and Zhijiang Du (a2)...


This paper proposes a new effective kinematics method based on the dynamic visual window (DVW) for a surgical robot that is equipped with two instrument arms and one laparoscope arm, to enable doctors to achieve operations with their visual habits under the laparoscopic visual environment. The problem of the consistency principle between the doctor's operations under the visual window's feedback and the master–slave operations of the surgical robot is solved. The kinematics models of the surgical robotic arms are established, and the new kinematics methods based on the DVW of the laparoscope and instrument arms are proposed according to their inverse kinematics with respect to the visual coordinate system. Finally, the proposed kinematics method is verified by simulation experiments based on the theoretical algorithm and the mechanism model; the multiple sets of the simulation data are presented to illustrate the correctness and feasibility of the new method in this research.


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A new kinematics method based on a dynamic visual window for a surgical robot

  • Lingtao Yu (a1) (a2), Zhengyu Wang (a1), Peng Yu (a1), Tao Wang (a1), Huajian Song (a1) and Zhijiang Du (a2)...


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