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Kinematics and statics analysis of a novel 4-dof 2SPS+2SPR parallel manipulator and solving its workspace

  • Yi Lu (a1), Ming Zhang (a1), Yan Shi (a1) and JianPing Yu (a1)


A novel 4-dof 2SPS+SPR parallel kinematic machine is proposed, and its kinematics, statics, and workspace are studied systematically. First, the geometric constrained equations are established, and the inverse displacement kinematics is analyzed. Second, the poses of active/constrained forces are determined, and the formulae for solving inverse/forward velocities are derived. Third, the formulae for solving inverse/forward accelerations are derived. Finally, a workspace is constructed and its active/constrained forces are solved. The analytic results are verified by its simulation mechanism to be consistent with the calculated ones.


Corresponding author

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