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Dynamic dexterity of a planar 2-DOF parallel manipulator in a hybrid machine tool

  • Jun Wu (a1), Jinsong Wang (a1), Tiemin Li (a1), Liping Wang (a1) and Liwen Guan (a1)...


This paper addresses the dynamic dexterity of a planar 2-degree of freedom (DOF) parallel manipulator with virtual constraint. Without simplification, the dynamic formulation is derived by using the virtual work principle. The condition number of the inertia matrix of the dynamic equation is presented as a criterion to evaluate the dynamic dexterity of a manipulator. In order to obtain the best isotropic configuration of the dynamic dexterity in the whole workspace, two global performance indices, which consider the mean value and standard deviation of the condition number of the inertia matrix, respectively, are proposed as the objective function. For a given set of geometrical and inertial parameters, the dynamic dexterity of the parallel manipulator is more isotropic in the center than at the boundaries of the workspace.


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