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Development of digital stroke sensing cylinder and its performance evaluation

  • S.Y. Yang, M.C. Lee, M.H. Lee and S. Arimoto


Automation of heavy construction machinery needs sensors that can detect each position under severe construction fields. Motivated by this need a hydraulic cylinder equipped with Hall sensors of Ga-As type has been developed. However, this sensor device has some problems associated with incorrect detection of positions owing to the existence of some magnetic slope and electric noises. To solve these problems, this paper proposes a digital stroke sensing cylinder enhanced by digital signal processing. An apparatus of two hydraulic systems coupled with each other is installed in an experimental setup to evaluate the performance of the developed digital stroke sensing cylinder. In order to control the position of a cylinder rod, a PWM method is used. Evaluation of the performance is carried out under artificial disturbances such as an impulse, addition of some magnetic slope, and additional noises.



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Development of digital stroke sensing cylinder and its performance evaluation

  • S.Y. Yang, M.C. Lee, M.H. Lee and S. Arimoto


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