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Design of the three-bus control system utilising periodic relay for a centipede-like robot

  • Tianqi Wei (a1), Qingsheng Luo (a1), Yang Mo (a1), Yong Wang (a1) and Zhineng Cheng (a1)...


A centipede-like robot, which has high degrees of freedom (DOFs) and similar body segments, requires new real-time control to achieve diverse gaits. Therefore, we have studied the movement characteristics of multi-legged creatures and determined the features for a gait periodic relay. An instruction-relay control scheme, the three-bus control system and the required software were then designed. In our experiments with the designed control system, different gaits for the robot could be achieved, and the phase difference between body segments could be changed by altering the delay time. As a whole, this control system could accomplish the required control task and reasonably simplify the gait control algorithms and procedures.


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