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Design, implementation, and performance evaluation of a 4-DOF parallel robot

  • Hee-Byoung Choi (a1), Atsushi Konno (a2) and Masaru Uchiyama (a2)


This paper deals with the design, implementation, and performance evaluation of a new type of 4-DOF parallel mechanism providing three translations and one rotation for high-speed handling and machining. This parallel mechanism is named H4. A necessary condition and system configuration of the H4 are also described. Hardware and kinematics of the H4 is addressed and the manipulability ellipsoid which is one of the widely used methods to examine the design of parallel mechanisms is addressed. The performance evaluation is carried out to demonstrate the H4 robot. The simulation and experimental results show that three different controllers, the PD, PD + velocity feed-forward, and dynamic compensation controller, dramatically improve the trajectory tracking accuracy.


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Design, implementation, and performance evaluation of a 4-DOF parallel robot

  • Hee-Byoung Choi (a1), Atsushi Konno (a2) and Masaru Uchiyama (a2)


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