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Miscellanea Curiositae Michelangelae: A Steep Tariff, a Half Dozen Horses, and Yards of Taffeta

  • William E. Wallace (a1)


There is such an abundance of documentary information about the life of Michelangelo Buonarroti that we necessarily are selective in our use of the primary sources: nearly 1,400 letters to and from the artist, more than three hundred published pages of his personal and professional ricordi, and an extensive correspondence among members of his immediate family. In addition to what they tell us about the artist and his commissions, these primary sources offer a rich and detailed picture of everyday life in Renaissance Italy. The following miscellany is offered as diverse glimpses into the world and work of Michelangelo, a sort of micro-historical view of a major historical figure.



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This article was completed during my tenure as a fellow at Villa I Tatti in Florence, 1990-91. For their help and many suggestions, I would like to thank Paul Barolsky, Alison Brown, Patrick Chorley, Samuel Heath, Edward Maeder, Thomas Roche, Michael Rocke, and Sarah Schroth.



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Miscellanea Curiositae Michelangelae: A Steep Tariff, a Half Dozen Horses, and Yards of Taffeta

  • William E. Wallace (a1)


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