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Contamination of seven workers with 241Am

  • I. Malátová (a1), V. Becková (a1), H. Pospíšilová (a1) and R. Filgas (a1)


Widespread contamination occurred in the building in which radiation waste was handled. An occurrence of internal contamination of workers was also suspected. Therefore, workers were measured in vivo and bioassay was performed too. Estimation of committed effective dose had to be based on results of excretion analysis as irremovable surface contamination occurred on the skin and hair of workers, thus influencing results of in vivo measurements. The results of bioassay of 7 workers are presented. Intakes and committed effective doses were calculated from excretion data using IMBA Professional Plus software. The best fits for the most of workers were obtained when combination of acute and chronic intakes was used. Acute intakes varied from 135 Bq to 1300 Bq, chronic intakes from 0.03 Bq/d to 0.3 Bq/d. Committed effective doses from 3 to 36 mSv were estimated for individual workers.



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Contamination of seven workers with 241Am

  • I. Malátová (a1), V. Becková (a1), H. Pospíšilová (a1) and R. Filgas (a1)


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