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  • Marine Wojcieszak (a1) (a2), Tess Van den Brande (a1), Gaia Ligovich (a1) and Mathieu Boudin (a1)


The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (RICH) radiocarbon (14C) laboratory in Brussels, Belgium, has acquired experience for pretreating samples with 60 years of involvement in 14C dating, and the implementation of routine protocols. These procedures as applied to wood, seeds, charred materials, bones, ivory, textiles (silk, wool, cotton, linen), paper, shells, cremated bones, mortars, lead carbonates, sediments, etc. are described in detail in this paper. They are evaluated against reference materials.


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  • Marine Wojcieszak (a1) (a2), Tess Van den Brande (a1), Gaia Ligovich (a1) and Mathieu Boudin (a1)


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