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Current Sample Preparation and Analytical Capabilities of the Radiocarbon Laboratory at CologneAMS

  • J Rethemeyer (a1), M Gierga (a1), S Heinze (a2), A Stolz (a2), A Wotte (a1), P Wischhöfer (a1), S Berg (a1), JO Melchert (a1) and A Dewald (a2)...


This work summarizes the methodical capabilities, improvements, and new developments in the radiocarbon laboratory of the accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) facility at the University of Cologne, Germany, which was established in 2010. During the past years, the laboratory has specialized in the analysis of small and gaseous samples. We thus, recently installed a second ion source dedicated for radiocarbon (14C) analysis of CO2 samples at our 6 MV Tandetron AMS from High Voltage Engineering Europe B.V. that is coupled with the gas injection system from Ionplus and an EuroVector EA 3000 elemental analyzer. This work summarizes all pretreatment methods and analytical facilities established in our laboratory during the last years including 14C analysis of individual organic compounds and of CO2 trapped on molecular sieves. We also report different blank values including our long-term blank since 2011, which is for normal-sized, solid samples (650–1000 µg C) 0.0012 ± 0.0004 F14C (54,305 ± 2581 yr BP, n = 484). The precision obtained for modern samples measured as graphite is 0.5% and for gaseous samples injected with the GIS ≤2%.


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Selected Papers from the 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference, Trondheim, Norway, 17–22 June, 2018



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Current Sample Preparation and Analytical Capabilities of the Radiocarbon Laboratory at CologneAMS

  • J Rethemeyer (a1), M Gierga (a1), S Heinze (a2), A Stolz (a2), A Wotte (a1), P Wischhöfer (a1), S Berg (a1), JO Melchert (a1) and A Dewald (a2)...


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