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The Brazilian AMS Radiocarbon Laboratory (LAC-UFF) and the Intercomparison of Results with CENA and UGAMS

  • K D Macario (a1), P R S Gomes (a1), R M Anjos (a1), C Carvalho (a2), R Linares (a1), E Q Alves (a1), F M Oliveira (a1), M D Castro (a1) (a3), I S Chanca (a1), M F M Silveira (a1), L C R Pessenda (a4), L M B Moraes (a4), T B Campos (a4) and A Cherkinsky (a5)...


After 22 yr of the low-level liquid scintillation counting 14C laboratory at the Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (CENA) at São Paulo University (USP), Piracicaba, Brazil, and several collaborative projects with Brazilian and international researchers from distinct scientific areas, the first 14C accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) laboratory in Latin America was installed at the Physics Institute of the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niterói, Brazil. A 250kV single stage accelerator produced by National Electrostatics Corporation began its operation in 2012. In this work, we compare measurements performed at the AMS Radiocarbon Laboratory at UFF (LAC-UFF) with those performed at CENA and the University of Georgia (UGAMS), Georgia, USA. All the results obtained from distinct inorganic and organic samples were in very good agreement.


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