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New speleothem data from Molinos and Ejulve caves reveal Holocene hydrological variability in northeast Iberia

  • Ana Moreno (a1), Carlos Pérez-Mejías (a1) (a2), Miguel Bartolomé (a1) (a2), Carlos Sancho (a2), Isabel Cacho (a3), Heather Stoll (a4) (a5), Antonio Delgado-Huertas (a6), John Hellstrom (a7), R. Lawrence Edwards (a8) and Hai Cheng (a8) (a9) (a10)...


New speleothem records from northeastern Iberian caves provide data to explore the climatic patterns during the Holocene. We present δ13C and Mg/Ca from three speleothems from two different caves located in the Iberian Range allowing replication of the climatic signal for several millennia. Through the integration of those stalagmites covering since the Holocene onset to 2 ka, the early Holocene (11.7–8.5 ka) appears as the wettest interval. A marked change towards aridity is observed during the middle Holocene (8.5–4.8 ka) and an increase of humidity afterwards (4.8–2 ka). This three-part pattern, contrasting with other Iberian sequences, seems to be associated with the different role that seasonality has played in the response of different proxies (or records) to changes in water availability. Interpreting our speleothem records as changes in winter-spring precipitation along the Holocene allows reconciling previous data on hydrological variability from the western Mediterranean borderlands.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author at: Department of Geoenvironmental Processes and Global Change, Pyrenean Institute of Ecology – CSIC, Avenida Montañana 1005, 50059 Zaragoza, Spain. E-mail address: (A. Moreno).


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New speleothem data from Molinos and Ejulve caves reveal Holocene hydrological variability in northeast Iberia

  • Ana Moreno (a1), Carlos Pérez-Mejías (a1) (a2), Miguel Bartolomé (a1) (a2), Carlos Sancho (a2), Isabel Cacho (a3), Heather Stoll (a4) (a5), Antonio Delgado-Huertas (a6), John Hellstrom (a7), R. Lawrence Edwards (a8) and Hai Cheng (a8) (a9) (a10)...


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