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Low-latitude “dusty events” vs. high-latitude “icy Heinrich Events”

  • Elsa Jullien (a1), Francis Grousset (a1), Bruno Malaizé (a1), Josette Duprat (a1), Maria Fernanda Sanchez-Goni (a1), Frédérique Eynaud (a1), Karine Charlier (a1), Ralph Schneider (a2), Aloys Bory (a3), Viviane Bout (a3) and Jose Abel Flores (a4)...


It has been proposed that tropical events could have participated in the triggering of the classic, high-latitude, iceberg-discharge Heinrich events (HE). We explore low-latitude Heinrich events equivalents at high resolution, in a piston core recovered from the tropical north-western African margin. They are characterized by an increase of total dust, lacustrine diatoms and fibrous lacustrine clay minerals. Thus, low-latitude events clearly reflect severe aridity events that occurred over Africa at the Saharan latitudes, probably induced by southward shifts of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. At a first approximation, it seems that there is more likely synchronicity between the high-latitude Heinrich Events (HEs) and low-latitude events (LLE), rather than asynchronous behaviours.


Corresponding author

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Low-latitude “dusty events” vs. high-latitude “icy Heinrich Events”

  • Elsa Jullien (a1), Francis Grousset (a1), Bruno Malaizé (a1), Josette Duprat (a1), Maria Fernanda Sanchez-Goni (a1), Frédérique Eynaud (a1), Karine Charlier (a1), Ralph Schneider (a2), Aloys Bory (a3), Viviane Bout (a3) and Jose Abel Flores (a4)...


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