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Cosmogenic nuclide ages for Last Glacial Maximum moraine at Schnells Ridge, Southwest Tasmania

  • Kevin Kiernan (a1), L. Keith Fifield (a2) and John Chappell (a3)


Moraines on Schnells Ridge, southwest Tasmania, have been dated using in situ 10Be. An age of 19,400 ± 600 yr is indicated for the well-preserved innermost moraine from consistent measurements on four large quartzite boulders. This corresponds closely with exposure ages reported by T.T. Barrows et al. (2002, Quaternary Science Reviews 21, 159–173) for Last Glacial Maximum glacial features farther north in Tasmania and southeast Australia. In contrast, ages between 39,000 and 141,000 yr were obtained from a series of boulders on a more extensive outer moraine, indicating that this has had a more complex history.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. E-mail address: (J. Chappell).


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